About us

About Contracta

Undertaking an impressive range of global construction projects, we have worked across a myriad of different sectors and have a consummate understanding of providing infrastructure solutions for transport, military infrastructure, education and security businesses, among many others.


In Brazil, we completed high-profile contracts in three spheres of government – municipal, state and federal, as well as meeting the needs of the private market. With over 1,000 direct employees in Brazil, we are responsible for the delivery of multiple, complex projects, including urban design upgrades, sanitation and public housing program, airport and port facilities, rail and road overpasses, train and subway stations. In addition to this, our real estate department has been developing both residential and commercial buildings, further demonstrating our ability to adjust to the needs of our broad client-base.


Our group of companies, with offices in Brazil, Europe and Africa, all share the same integral philosophy; serving the needs of the market with a focus on sustainability through the use of new technology. This shapes everything that we do.


Partnering with British companies to establish sustainable business operations in Brazil

Having launched a subsidiary in the UK in 2016; Contracta Construction UK Ltd, we are in the unique position of being able to offer sophisticated knowledge of engineering and infrastructure to partner with other companies in the UK that are looking to do business in Brazil. Our office team in London, paired with our Brazilian team, market knowledge, track record and ‘on the ground’ workforce makes us a trusted gateway for UK businesses to launch a sustainable operation in Brazil.


We have not only created more than 3,000 indirect jobs through partnerships, we have completed contracts totalling over one million square metres of constructed area. Our Brazilian heritage will be incredibly useful to prospective partners; Brazil is the largest economy in South America, representing the eighth largest market opportunity in the world. This gives UK companies looking to work with us enormous potential to significantly grow a successful and profitable business operation. An International Monetary Fund report indicates that Brazil leads all other South American countries in terms of infrastructure, making the opportunities of maintenance and further development in the construction sector extremely vast.


There is potential for new business in Brazil, and with our vast infrastructure and engineering experience, we are looking forward to partnering with businesses who are serious about creating sustainable projects internationally. However, as much as we are thrilled to be able to offer this exciting opportunity to businesses in the UK, we also understand that the Brazilian market is very complex and offers many challenges, such as legal and labour conditions specific to Brazil. With our origins in Brazil, we already have key contacts and intimate market knowledge to help companies accelerate their operations into the country, overcoming such challenges. Our London team will be able to work alongside throughout; being closer to home will give UK businesses the peace of mind that our workforce in Brazil is on track to meet the needs of their new project.