Contracta UK

Contracta UK

Your gateway to the infrastructure market in Brazil

Contracta Group has been operating in the civil engineering and infrastructure industries since 1996; originating in Brazil before working internationally.


Undertaking an impressive range of global construction projects, we have worked across a myriad of different sectors and have a consummate understanding of providing infrastructure solutions for transport, military infrastructure, education and security businesses, among many others.

Contacta in Brazil

In Brazil, we completed high-profile contracts in three spheres of government – municipal, state and federal, as well as meeting the needs of the private market. With over 1,000 direct employees in Brazil, we are responsible for the delivery of multiple, complex projects, including urban design upgrades, sanitation and public housing program, airport and port facilities, rail and road overpasses, train and subway stations. In addition to this, our real estate department has been developing both residential and commercial buildings, further demonstrating our ability to adjust to the needs of our broad client-base.


Our group of companies, with offices in Brazil, Europe and Africa, all share the same integral philosophy; serving the needs of the market with a focus on sustainability through the use of new technology. This shapes everything that we do.

Brazil and beyond

In 2012 one ECA – the Brazilian Development Bank – acted as a guarantor for us to begin working with the Government of Ghana. At this point we set up a subsidiary company in Africa; secured our first contract, and successfully executed the construction of an aircraft hangar before being awarded four additional projects; including the enormous contract to redevelop Kumasi Central Market.